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Thread: Power surge killed PC

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    PC Power surge killed PC

    So the power goes out the other evening and when I get home and try to turn on the machine I get nothing. I know I could get the information through Google but I figured I'd ask here and spend as little time on this laptop as I have to. How should I go about diagnosing what needs replacing? I immediately assume the power supply's dead, but in reading I've seen mention of the motherboard, too.

  2. Replace it all.

    Serious answer, use BIOS probably.

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    If it's a laptop, first thing to do is grab a multimeter and check to see if the power supply is getting correct voltage. If it is good then check the battery. If both of them check out good, you might start wondering how much you really need this laptop, since swapping out internal stuff is difficult, unless you are lucky enough for it to be a blown fuse or something.
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    gohanx, it's a desktop, I'm just using a laptop for now.

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    Ah, okay, I read that wrong. Chances are you aren't fucked! Pop off the side of the pc case and see if you smell anything burned. If not, probably just the power supply. If you are so inclined, you can rig a power button and use a multimeter to test the power supply before replacing.

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