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Thread: PC stuck at boot screen

  1. PC stuck at boot screen

    Last night while browsing I got a BSOD, then when I boot up it hangs at this screen:

    (not my image, but similar)

    I can't access the boot menu via f8, or get into Windows. It just hangs here. I checked the hard drive with Seatools and it's fine.

    Is this a ram thing, motherboard, what?
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    Definitely try reseating the RAM. Chux and I have both had that problem. It's probably not the motherboard if you get that far, but it could be. Another possibility is the power supply, especially if you've added new hardware. It might be overloaded and not getting enough power to something like the RAM.

  3. I did read something about a possible usb device conflict or something. The only new thing I have is the Hori VLX joystick plugged in. Could it be that powerful? lol

    Another thing worth mentioning is that I have seen two other BSODs within the last three months or so.

  4. Try resetting CMOS and see if it helps with anything.

  5. Ramon is on the right track, reset to last known working, or failsafe defaults. I'd do what Yoshi said too for shits and giggles, although I didn't even get THAT far when before I reseated the ram.

  6. Put your dick in it.

  7. OK, I've tried:

    -loading failsafe defaults
    -resetting CMOS by removing the battery
    -unplugging all devices but the USB keyboard
    -reseating ram
    -reseating video card

    ...with no results. I need to get this fixed quickly, so I may call up a computer dude and have him come over.

    Before I do that does anyone have any other ideas? Basically if you think it could be a part that's cheaper than the $115 the guy will charge just to come out I may go to Fry's and try that.

    Is this possibly a video card problem? The fan on it is working, if that means anything.

  8. Taking the battery out doesn't always clear the CMOS completely. You need to use the jumper to be sure. If you have more than one RAM module, try booting the computer with just one of them installed.

  9. So the answer was: hard drive. Hopefully after I get this new one formatted I can grab stuff off the old one.

    Now to go yell at Western Digital.


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