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Thread: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

  1. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

    Gainax's newest series that's been on for a couple months now, it's basically a Cartoon Network show that lacks censorship. Basic plot is two little girl angels named Panty and Stocking - one obsessed with sex and the other with candy - need to destroy demons by using their underwear that transforms into weapons in order to collect coins to buy their way into heaven, and they were trained by a homosexual pedophile priest named Garterbelt. It's unfortunately juvenile in every sense, which means that despite how it's supposed to be a parody of all kinds of television pop culture it ends up simultaneously becoming the very thing it's making fun of.

    Went through the six episodes that are translated so far, and the show does have some strengths besides its non-offensive ability to provide good background noise while I'm doing other things. The animators go absolutely nuts at times, flipping from the typical boxy childlike look, to a more standardized adult anime look, to a hyper-stylized realism, and all the while interjecting live-action model explosions for climax kills. Episode six has a chase scene that looks absolutely nuts for television animation and practically jumps into movie-quality for a couple minutes.

    It does get better in episode five where they heavily shift gears and barely even show the titular characters, and then again in episode six where they lay the foundation of a story that will actually crop up again (each half-hour episode has been two stories that seem to be unconnected). I also am enjoying the soundtrack more than I should, which I think is the real reason I kept watching.

    I was talking about this briefly with Trial earlier and I think he really liked what he saw (like most of Panty's boytoys), but wasn't sure what kind of attention this was getting.
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    It's an amazing looking show, I haven't had time to watch it yet.

    The cut-away to the live action shot completely sells me on the show.

    Seems a bit like the Japanese are doing a piss-take on the Dexter's Lab/Oddparents/Power Puff Girls/ etc shows
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  3. All I saw was M-Flo's name pop up in the list, I"m immediately sold.

  4. Panty and Stocking is probably the only anime I give a shit about right now. So many references to western stuff too, like Panty having a shirt with the face of Katz from Courage the Cowardly Dog on it.

  5. Huh, music by one of the m-flo guys, going to have to look into soundtracks for it.
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  6. Last song is sung by Lisa.

  7. I'll probably watch this eventually. Gaia released an item based off this show, and now it all makes sense....

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bbobb View Post
    Huh, music by one of the m-flo guys, going to have to look into soundtracks for it.
    Soundtrack comes out December 29th.

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    haven't watched an episode yet, but the youtube videos look cool

  10. One of the villains in episode 4 is a FAAAAAAABULOUS parody of the Flash who also eats underwear.


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