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Thread: Enslaved (360/PS3) $25 TODAY ONLY (11-9-10)

  1. Thumbs Up Enslaved (360/PS3) $25 TODAY ONLY (11-9-10)

    Dear Customer,

    Customers who showed an interest in video games might like to know "Enslaved: Odyssey to the West" for PS3 and Xbox 360 is the featured Deal of the Day at This offer is valid today only, November 9, 2010, and while supplies last.

    Our Deal of the Day price is just $25.00--37% off the regular price of $39.99. Make sure to check back all day long for more Video Game Lightning Deals.

    I forgot how to add the TNL referral link, so I'll let someone else put up the link. I dunno if this game is any good, but that deal definitely is.

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    PC bound... I'm not even sure I care, but it's just one more sign that consoles are nearing obsolescence. Everything seems to be heading to PC finally.

  4. A 3 year old console game getting a new port signals obsolescence?

  5. At the right price and optimized I'd play this game on PC.

    Wasn't it a buggy mess on consoles?

  6. I got it for $5 this weekend on 360. I don't think it is a buggy mess.

  7. I believe I read that the tacked on 3D that was included in the useless DLC didn't really work right. The main game was fine when I played through it.

  8. I liked it well enough and at time it was quite the looker

  9. It wasn't buggy at all. I really liked it. Still might go back for 100% some day.

  10. I've had this for at least two years and haven't played it yet. I'll make that a low-end goal for next week.
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