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Thread: Surround Sound Speaker Recommendations

  1. Surround Sound Speaker Recommendations

    I'm looking for a nice set of surround sound speakers for my living room. I want to keep them small but I don't want to sacrifice overall sound quality either. My living room is very wide open with a high ceiling.

    I like these speakers but I'm concerned that they won't produce enough sound to fill the room:

    I'm also considering them with this bundle so that I can move my current set up into my man cave:

  2. If you want to spend around $500 for a theater in a box solution these are the best you will get:

    They are not the smallest speakers, but they should be good to fill your room. These are 7.1, but you can just make them 5.1 if you prefer and keep the other 2 speakers in the box.

  3. Klipsh is good, I bought a pair of their cheap surround only speakers. Not the loudest but works okay.

  4. Just put speakers in your butt and you will get all the sound you need.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion mman but I'm not necessarily looking for a theater in a box deal. The klipsch quintet aren't the cheapest set they make they also have the hd 300 & 500 sets that include the sub. If there is a better set for more than $500 I can live without the receiver and sub but I'd rather get the full set up unless the speakers were significantly better. I listened to the quintet speakers with a samsung receiver and they sounded really good at best buy. I'm going to check out what they have at our local stereo shop tomorrow to see if there is anything more to my liking.

    Ramon, I would take your suggestion into consideration but your mom isn't done cleaning up back there.
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  6. Long commute for Ramon's mom.

  7. She's dedicated.

    After listening to a couple different complete sets of speakers at my local stereo shop, I just can't go that route. I'm going to end up just getting a pair of floor standing tower speakers to compliment what I already have. Unfortunately, I can't be cheap when it comes to audio.

    When looking at the different tower speakers yesterday they only had Klipsch and Polk. The Klipsch were a lot brighter compared to the Polk which to some point is good because I could hear the drums significantly better. It's probably not necessary with the center channel I have though and I was not blown away by any of the Polks. I might just stick with the JBL studio series like I have now. Like this tasty specimen:

  8. You could also go to your local pawn shop. Lots of people can't go cheap on their audio equipment, and then suddenly find themselves not being able to meet their obligations, and guess what's the first thing to go?

  9. That's a good suggestion but I'm always a little leery of buying used electronics. You never know if people bukkaked it on the way out the door.

  10. Guilty.


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