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Thread: Let's talk about TVs

  1. Let's talk about TVs

    On Black Friday I'm going to be getting a new TV. Things I'm looking for:

    -50+ inch screen (I think exactly 50 will be the right size)
    -VGA port
    -USB port for watching videos from a thumb drive
    -under $1200, preferably at about $1000
    -low lag so I can play Third Strike when it hits Xbox
    -rich colors, deep blacks and clear picture during fast motion

    Things I don't care about:

    -internet connectivity

    Everything I've read makes it seem like Plasma is what I want. I've just about narrowed it down to these two below:

    I've read that the Panasonic is supposedly better in terms of lag than the Samsung, and that the Panasonic may lose it's black levels over time.

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these, or with similar models? Any other recommendations within my price and size range are welcome.

  2. I have a Sony Bravia LCD I adore.
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  3. Don't wait for black Friday. The last few years the best TV deals of the year come from late October up to Black Friday, but after that they get worse till Christmas. Black Friday hasn't been that great either, they usually put the really crappy models on special. A lot of times the manufacturers will release a special model for that day with features stripped out to hit the sale price. I've seen a few great deals already, you really want to buy soon (now even). There are lots of 3d tv packages that come with blu-ray and multiple sets of glasses for the price of the tv alone, even if you don't care much about 3d the deal could still be worth it. Go to, there is a whole category in their hot deals forum for video.
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    I am definitely looking for a new tv this week.
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  5. I just bought a new TV for my room. It's a 32" Toshiba LCD for $300.

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    I want something bigger but 300 dollars is so little money to finally take me into the future! I need 1080 though
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  7. At 32" 1080p would be a waste.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Shin Johnpv View Post
    At 32" 1080p would be a waste.
    Because you read that on the internet somewhere amirite?

    Spread that misinformation!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by icarusfall View Post
    I have a Sony Bravia LCD I adore.
    I have a 32in Bravia LCD, and it sucks compared to Samsung Plasma. It is not even close in color, clarity, viewing angles, and responsiveness.

  10. I bought a Samsung 46" LCD awhile back. Works great and i like the way the inteface handles the source input. The only thing I don't like is it's slower turning off than my previous Toshiba 42". Like it clearly just goes to sleep (a little red light indicated when it's turned off, and it has a "shut down" noise like a TV). I'd prefer it if it literally just shut the fuck off like my old one.
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