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    I know must people like to hear about chances to win free stuff, so I thought I'd let you know that Adobe Students (who I work with) is hosting a contest on their Facebook page and this is the last week to enter. The contest couldn't be easier - just use the Awesomizer app to edit a photo and make a wacky college yearbook picture. Participants could win free CS5 software - definitely a fun and easy way to potentially get Adobe products.

  2. must people suck.
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  4. Three posts in total, eh?

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    It has been a long time since we heard from Rachael Leigh Cook. She was last seen as a mean pussy cat in “Josie and The Pussy Cats”. You can call her latest move a sham for gaining the much needed attention that every other celeb craves for these days.

    The current thing on Leigh’s “To Do” list it to heavily oppose those Adobe Photoshop designers who deal with celebrity images on a daily basis. According to the deranged actress, the manipulation of celebrities’ images is downright insane and not good for young girls.

    We do agree to the latter part of her statement because lately there’ve been cases where girls end up as severe anorexics. In order to show her firm support, Leigh has joined the Creative Coalition Girl Scouts team of the USA. These women primarily battle those airbrush fanatics who give a size zero look to our “beautiful” Hollywood celebs.

    By the way, Christina Hendrix is better off than any of these size zero crazy girls. Hendrix is proud of her hour glass figure and oh boy, do the guys love her melons or do they love her melons? Coming back to Rachael Leigh Cook, she is all against those illusions that Photoshop experts put forth on magazine covers. In her opinion, a little bit of freckled skin and bloaty belly is better than the seemingly perfect images of female celebs.

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    Three posts in total, eh?
    Say what you will about AdobeAndrew. But his thread just kicked the shit out of my Wallpapers one. I respect the man.
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  7. Why has this fucktard not been banned yet?

  8. Just wanted to clarify that I am a real person and not a spammer, so sorry for any confusion. Regarding the contest, this is the last week to enter and the winner gets a copy of CS5 Master Collection. So if you're looking to save some money, this is an easy way to potentially win Adobe software. Good luck.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by AdobeAndrew View Post
    just use the Awesomizer app to edit a photo and make a wacky college yearbook picture.
    Oh wow, that sounds like a really cool contest. Where do I sign up?


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