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Thread: Naoki Urasawa's Monster

  1. Naoki Urasawa's Monster

    Search doesn't seem to bring anything up on this (I could swear I posted in it before), but that might be because it's hidden. Anyway...

    Anyone watch or watching this? It's a few years old at this point but I've been going through all the episodes on Hulu. It's so good it's worth dealing with commercials about Blue Print and BMWs. I guess this thing was also on SyFy.

    I'm at the point where Dr. Tenma just got arrested in Prague and I'm expecting shit to get very, very real.
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  2. I got 25 or so episodes in and put it on hold. Not typically my type of anime (what with lack of cuteness), but I gave it a shot because it gets mentioned alongside Death Note a lot.

    I don't know, it's not horrible, but really wasn't very interesting to me. It's also weird that everybody speaks Japanese despite very little of it taking place in Japan...

  3. They speak the language of the country they are in, but you hear it as japanese/english based on what you're watching it in.

    At one point in the series you are told that someone didn't understand a conversation because it was in German, even though they obviously weren't being voice acted in German. This show would be really shitty though if 95% of it was in German, then none of it's target audience would really be able to watch it without sub titles.

  4. Yes, yes, I know all that. And I get the practicality argument. It wasn't a big deal, just something I kept thinking about.

  5. I just finished this up, and it really is a ridiculously well crafted piece of fiction.

    It's funny the way Doctor Tenma is built up as a miracle doctor, like he can just work on anyone with triple gunshot wounds and they'll be fine because he's just that good, when all he does is wrap their wounds and throw some hydrogen peroxide on them. It's very "video game", like how in Left 4 Dead you can heal yourself up with bandages after being set on fire, shot and attacked by zombies.

    Also, when Grimmer dies I was bummed. He was a great character.

  6. There's a live action movie of this bouncing around in production limbo somewhere.

  7. This is the best anime I have ever seen. No joke. I wish more anime/manga were written as well as Monster.
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  8. I wish more anything was written as well.


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