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Thread: Pinball Wizards

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    Pinball Wizards

    Aight, I'm going to stop shitting up the XBLA thread with talk about this.

    I know these tips aren't necessarily anything you don't already know, but I thought I'd share.

    On Pasha, to get the ball into the palace, make sure you hold the right flipper up when you shoot off the upper left flipper. That upper right flipper is partially blocking the ramp. That may be obvious for someone who plays on view 6 but it took me a while to figure it out.

    Also, on the rescue the princess magnet minigame, start with the LEFT magnet held down. Everything else is pretty self-explanatory. Go for the multiball a lot on this table, it's easy to activate and gives you lots of points. At the end of the lamp multiball if you "hide your ball in a safe place", otherwise known as hitting lit lock points with the multiball still active you'll get a huge bonus. Locking two balls gives 10 million. I haven't locked 3 yet. Reflex shots on the middle ramp give you some nice points too if you can hit 3+ in a row. I think my max is 16.

    Biolab - I still haven't managed to get all 4 upgrades active so I don't know what the bonus is yet, but I'm sure it's large. I thought the hardest upgrade was Wisdom, but I can now hit a skill shot around 70% of the time: You have to shake the table. Launch with A, hold it for a second or so and then let A go. When the ball is coming up the right side for the last time, nudge the table with left stick left one time as it reaches the apex of it's last ascent, but not as late as it going down. You'll be able to tweak it from there. I've hit 6 skill shots in a row. Every hit is an 800,000 point bonus, and in some cases more. One I hit when some mode was active was double that.

    Also, hitting the bumpers raises the upgrade jackpot.

    All the rest of the upgrades aren't that hard as long as you don't suck.
    Go for Brains first, Wisdom second, and then muscle third. Reflex gives you plenty of points for failing as you get a multiball, so kick off the easy ones first then settle back and hit reflex til you win.

    Clone multi is really tough to activate here and not really worth it until you finish the upgrades imo. Lots of the ball deaths come from missed top right flipper shots, weirdly enough.
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    If anyone else has any tips let me know.
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  3. May as well post this in here too, Marvel tables coming next month:

    Really looking forward to these.

    I hope they pursue more licensed stuff like this, I always thought it would be really cool marketing for, say, a movie to promote its upcoming release by commissioning a themed Pinball FX table. It certainly would yield better results, for less investment, than ground-up shit like Star Trek DAC, Kick-Ass, and Watchmen: The End is Nigh. And it would feel very authentic to pinball's history, as movie tie-ins were a huge part of the business for a while, and some of the best tables came out of that.

  4. I really need to mod a fight stick to have a button on each side for this. How fucking amazing would that be.

    I had almost forgotten how much I loved video game pinball but this brought me right back to my childhood, spending so many hours on Epic/Extreme pinball.
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  5. I will buy all of those Marvel boards day 1. Spider-Man especially looks cool.

  6. I like that the flyovers all sort of mimic the characters' motion. Spidey's twirl around all over the place, Wolvie's are short hops, Iron Man's go from point A to point B like a rocket.

    Hope they do well enough to warrant another round. Hulk and Fantastic Four are no-brainers, Cap will probably get one as a pseudo-tie-in for next year's movie, and as for something out of left field like Blade, I think Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange could make for pretty great pinball tables, thematically.

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    I'm buying every new board that comes out from now on day 1. Unless they release an EXTREME: REMIX pack.
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    God Damn it. I completed the creature twice on Bioloab now. Each time you birth a creature it starts a crazy mode with a crazy ass magnet that turns on and off. There are stages here. First stage you have to hit 4 ramps. Second stage you have to hit the mutation hole, which I haven't done yet. Sick. I ended with another 35 mil score. There are so many fucking crazy ball deaths on this table!

    I also finally played Escape With The Creature but had no idea how to do it. It said you have to jump and then escape? I failed on jump. what.
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    Damn I was going to come in here and brag that I took over another table but Haoh just took Extreme. Gah, I really don't want to play that anymore.

    Anyway I took Biolab. The tables I don't own are not tables I enjoy: Rome, Agents, and R&B.

    Check out the Secrets of the Deep score I just posted: 173,501,800. Good enough for 101 on the overall leaderboards.
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  10. They need to get connected to actual Pinball companies and start workout out some contracts.

    Apollo 13, Twlight Zone, and South Park need to be on my Xbox, Stat.

    Not gonna happen, I know, but god damn it NEEDS to.
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