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Thread: Deus Ex Is a Dollar on GFWL Today

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    PC Deus Ex Is a Dollar on GFWL Today

    Anyone who does not own this should rectify their mistake forthwith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

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    Whoever doesn't own this on Steam after the millions of Deus Ex sales they've had isn't worth speaking to anyway, so this is pointless.
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    Fuck GFWL. Microsoft has proven time and again they don't care about their own fucking platform, and now they're just trying to further splinter the market.

  5. You know this'll be the only way to get the handful of MS-published PC games over the next few years. So a necessary evil I guess. Everything's going to get even more screwed up when Activision branches out and puts Call of Duty on

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    Unless they have a day one Gears of War 3 on PC, they can keep their shitty games. And that goes quadruply for Activision. They don't even have an exception like Gears.

    I think you are right about the direction though. This will be what drives me back to console games. The PC DD mess is going to be like owning eight consoles.

  7. Nono, the problem is when they start moneyhatting third parties into exclusive agreements.

    I already use a few different digital stores so it's not the end of the world but I prefer to keep everything on Steam and GOG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epmode View Post
    Nono, the problem is when they start moneyhatting third parties into exclusive agreements.
    Well, yeah, but that's a certainty. And then it's no different than the 360 vs the PS3, except instead of two there are like eight.

  9. But they all work on the same platform, your analogy makes no sense. A better comparison would be having multiple PSN stores on the PS3.

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    That's only sort of true. EA neutered Hot Pursuit by not using Steamworks, since it's the only relevant community on the platform. So you can have friends and shit, but there's no where to pull them from. There's more to this than just which store you buy it from.


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