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  1. Treasure Dropbox

    So Dropbox is awesome. Here's a bunch of shit you can do with it which isn't immediately apparent! You may not find all of the useful, and dropbox is so flexible that you should be able to modify the shit I'm about to post to suit your needs pretty easily.

    Dropbox for filesharing.

    Did you know anything you put in your 'public' folder on dropbox is given a public URL, that anyone, dropbox user or not, can access? Did you know you can right click any file in your public folder on your local machine, hit the little 'dropbox' item in the contextual menu, and copy that public link to clipboard right then and there? And that the public link is available even before the file has finished uploading to dropbox (of course it won't be accessible until it's uploaded, but it's nice to be able to pull a link and drop it into a doc / post / whatever without having to wait for it to complete the upload). This is so much fucking faster than uploading something to a server, then copying the link.

    Dropbox on your Smartphone.

    Dropbox has an app for all the major smartphone OS's, and it's free. I can't really comment on Android or Blackberry, but for the iPhone it's quite good for quickly sharing photos and other images. Simply take a shot from in the app or add one from your camera roll, upload it to your public folder, then tap the paperclip icon for the image URL (either shortened or full). I host almost all of the photos I post online in my dropbox public folder. The added bonus being that it sends a copy to all my computers and devices at the same time.

    Use dropbox to start torrent downloads remotely / from your smartphone.

    I do this a lot. I'll be at work, or out of the house and see an album/movie recommendation on twitter or facebook or whatever.

    You will need:

    1) At torrent client that can watch a folder for .torrent files (I use transmission on the Mac and uTorrent at work).
    2) The iPhone* app 'Filer'.

    *I don't have much experience with Android, but Send to Dropbox might be a suitable stand-in on that platform.

    First, set up a new folder in your Dropbox folder called 'torrents' or some shit. Then configure your torrent client to watch the folder on your local machine.

    Now launch Filer on your phone. Filer is a download manager app, which has it's own integrated browser, and can connect to dropbox. Add a bunch of torrent bookmarks to the Filer browser, go to one of them, search for whatever, download the .torrent file, then move it to the dropbox folder you created earlier. So while you're out, the torrent client sees the .torrent, starts downloading, and shit is done for when you get home. It's really pretty elegant.

    Email shit to Dropbox.

    There are two options for this. Habilis and Send to Dropbox. Both are functionally identical, but Send to Dropbox seems to be the favoured service.

    Simply connect your dropbox account to either (or both if you like) services, and it will spit out a unique email address for you. Add this to your contacts, and you'll be able to email attachments directly to your dropbox for later retrieval. I use this a lot at work.


    Using more than one dropbox account.

    So I actually have 3 dropbox accounts that I use on a daily basis. This is actually due to dropbox missing one feature I would love (though they say they are going to add it) - the ability to flag certain folders to not be stored locally on specific machines. There's a few reasons I want this.

    1) I don't want (or need) any potentially incriminating files on my work desktop (I have a pretty large eBook collection hosted on dropbox, for instance).

    2) I don't want all of my work files accessible from my home desktop - as my kid has a tendency to delete shit by accident, but I do want some.

    3) I don't want large files stored locally on my macbook air, as it's only got a 128gb SSD and I do a fair bit of video work on it so storage is a pretty critical resource - BUT, I want to be able to move files to and from it without having to pull out a usb stick or some shit.

    So, I have 3 accounts my main account attached to my main email address, my work account attached to my work email address, and my Air attached to a throwaway spam-bucket email address. I share 1 folder between all 3 so I can round trip files between them all, and I share 1 folder between each pair of computers so I can exclude any one of them if I need to.

    As I said, it's a really clunky solution at the moment, but it works really well once it's set up.

    There's also the added benefit of another free 250mb storage per new account you 'invite' and install on new machines.


    So that's all I can be fucked typing now - it's 8pm, I'm writing this from memory, and I'm half drunk. Will update this post with more tips, tricks and hacks over the next few days. Happy to hear from anyone else who has some cool uses for dropbox!


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  2. I blv.
    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    K3V is awesome!

  3. been playing with it on my droid and pcs, works fantastic. Can even stream audio over 3g no problem without needing to download..
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  4. Dropbox officially out of beta, adds awesome new features.

    Our highest quality yet – When you’re shipping software to millions of people, a problem that affects even 1 out of 10,000 is a big deal. And the most important feature of any file syncing software is that it just works. This release represents thousands of hours fixing problems people should never have to think about: invalid file names on Windows, weird Unicode normalizations, Word and Excel file locking, abnormal symlinks hierarchies, case sensitive file systems on Mac, TrueCrypt support, …the list goes on. Whether you’re using Dropbox for work, school, or play, we’re confident that today’s Dropbox offers the best file sync experience out there.

    Huge performance enhancements – Dropbox 1.0 is strong enough to sync your entire digital life yet still lightweight and fast. We completely re-architected the client-side sync engine to optimize the response time, scale, and resource consumption. Keeping track of millions of files can require lots of memory if not done properly. This version reduces memory usage by up to 50%. It’s speedier and more efficient when handling big changes to your Dropbox while ensuring that smaller changes remain quick.

    Better user experience – We’ve completely redesigned our initial setup wizard on all three platforms to make it easier to get started using Dropbox. The preference menus are more organized, intuitive, and snazzy. We’ve also rewritten our Mac OS X version to only use Cocoa so Dropbox looks and feels much more native on the Mac. This also brings down the Mac download size by 20%

    Selective Sync – If you have a netbook or a computer with a tiny hard drive, syncing your entire Dropbox isn’t always a great idea. You also might not want certain files on your home computer to pop up on your work computer. Selective Sync solves these problems! You now can choose which folders get downloaded to which computers. This saves you time so you don’t have to sync stuff you don’t need. To learn more, head to our help center.

    Extended Attribute Sync – Syncing resource forks have historically been a pain for Mac users. In case you don’t know, resource forks are a secret area of a file that certain applications (like Quicken, Quark, and OmniGraffle) use to store important data. Most sync programs today completely ignore these forks, which results in a corrupted file on the other end. But worry not! Resource forks and other extended attributes now work great with Dropbox. Hooray!

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