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Thread: Low's sorta 2011-ish clearance of game stuffs

  1. Low's sorta 2011-ish clearance of game stuffs

    Finally have a home PC and am looking to put some of library up on Amazon or Ebay in time, first a pitstop to TNL....

    A few things:

    1. Prices include shipping in the US, only condition is I ask for a minium $10 order. I will ship international but buyers will pay full shipping cost.

    2. Games are complete and in great shape unless noted. Gamestop means the game has those crappy stickers all over, if a game had a spine card I should have it but please inquire.

    3. Prices are firm.

    4. Feel free to ask questions via PM. Thanks.

    Graffiti Kingdom $15
    Tomb Raider Anniversary $5
    Rogue Galaxy $7 (new)
    Valkyrie Profile 2 (new) $30
    Gradius III and IV $10
    God of War $5 (gamestop)
    Culdcept $15
    Silpheed $5


    Contra $20
    Gain Ground Sega Ages $25


    Pinball Hall of Fame Williams Collection $3
    Endless Ocean $10
    Excite bots $5
    Excite Truck $8


    Ninja Gaiden $5
    Tecmo Classic Arcade (new) $5
    Jet Set Radio Future $5


    Super Dimension Fortress Macross $10 (J)


    Beatmania 2nd mix with controller $30 (J)
    Hermie Hopperhead (J- 1st reprint) $20
    Salamander Deluxe Pack (J) $45


    Wario World $10
    Phantasy Star Online III CARD $8
    Odama $6

    Package only: Japanese Bonk, Adventure Island, and Star Soldier with free loader $75

    Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins $10
    Mega Man Powered Up $10 (gamestop)


    Riveria Promised Land (new) $35 Hold
    Steel Empire $15
    Gradius Galaxies $10
    Final Fantasy 1 and 2: Dawn of Souls $15 (new)
    Jet Grind Radio $10
    Tactics Ogre $30


    Pac in Time $10


    Light Crusader (new) $8


    Valkyrie Profile Covenant of the Plume $10
    Final Fantasy Tactics A2 $10
    Advance Wars: Dual Strike $8
    Steal Princess $15
    Beat City $6

    Turbo Duo/PC Engine

    Macross: Eternal Love Song $10
    Toilet Kids $50
    Super Dodge ball $20
    Iga Ninden Gaoiu $35


    Sonic Adventure $3
    MDK 2 $5
    Tony Hawk 2 $3
    Trizeal (with bonuses unopened) $60 (J)Sega Marine Fishing with fishing controller $15
    D2 $20
    Test Drive Le Mans $5

    Freebies (random odds and ends, feel free to pick one if you buy something)

    Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight CD
    Bomberman Strategy J-psone
    Grind Stormer Genesis cart (doesn’t appear to work)
    Random game manuals and boxes

    Looking for/WTB:

    Hagane SNES (complete)
    game related artbooks (nothing particular but I'm interested to see what's out there)
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  2. $5 for Blazblue.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    $5 for Blazblue.
    [tnl] $5 for your mom.[/tnl]

    Alright, all PMs are answered and anyone who sends money today will have their package out tomorrow. Thanks.

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    Got my stuff today, thanks! Contra was in much better shape than I expected, and I should be able to get rid of those pesky stickers.

  5. Low,

    Sent you a PM for Marble Saga Wii. Thanks.

  6. Holy shit, God of War 2 was in frighteningly amazing condition. It's like you treated it as your child!
    Everything was packaged nice and safe. Excellent. Thanks a lot, man

  7. Got my stuff, everything looks great and feedback has been left. Thanks!
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  8. Wavebird was in great condition thanks.

  9. Awesome, glad to see everyone's stuff has been to expectation. Any games paid for as of Wednesday will be shipped on Thursday. Thanks.


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