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Thread: TNL Music Club Week #3 - Scars of the Midwest / Uhh!! Ohh!!

  1. I took a nap to this just a little bit ago, it was even better than my portal experience.

  2. I listened to both of these last night and today.

    I couldn't sleep last night so I put Scars of the Midwest on and just closed my eyes. While it didn't put me to sleep, it did help me relax. I kind of like how there's a bit more form to their stuff, compared to Sigur Ros. I'll probably put this on a lot more in Winter (it's summer here in LOLstralia).

    Splack Pack is fucking rad. Totally reminds me of playing pool at my buddy Steve's house - he was deep into all the gangsta rap and would always be playing it. I didn't really appreciate it back then, but now, listening to rapping about hoes, head and ass is a strangely nostalgic experience, hehe. I also didn't know they were the ones who were responsible for shake dat ass bitch - that track is dropped so fucking often but I had no idea where it was from.

    I really loved Let me c ya work it - it has a reak Juke vibe. In fact, if you sped it up just a bit, it could probably pass as a Juke track.

    Nice pics!

    "Underground music should have its back turned, it needs to be gone, untrackable, unreadable"

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