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Thread: Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)

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    The bigger question is how will they handle cloud cross dressing and will it allow me to explore this alternate lifestyle for the full length of the game?

  2. What they're saying they're going to do sounds okay with with me - I just don't believe that's what is gonna end up happening. I'd rather they just be patient and delay it and release a full game... make it multiple discs if you have to. I guess Square themselves is well aware of how long it takes them to get games out, though, and top of everything they have on the working table right now it would likely be even longer than usual, and they don't wanna lose the hype. That's the best case scenario I think. Worse case is they're planning to milk the fans. I'm ultimately disappointed either way. Because I already know I'm gonna try the first "Part" just to see. And if it's good I'll end up buying the others. Then when they release the inevitable physical special edition, the collector in me will have to have that too, lol. FML.
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  3. If everyone would have bought Rise of the Tomb Raider, this wouldnt be happening.

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    I will as soon as they let me. I might consider Temple of Osiris then too.

    Of course, I'll never buy FFVII again, regardless of what platform. It could be a PC, Genesis and Neo Geo cross buy, and I still wouldn't go for it.

  5. With how long it takes Sqaure to bring out games this will probably be a chapter a year for a decade.
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