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Thread: Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiMoogle View Post
    Finished at 25.5 hours. What a fun ride. I did all the side missions until the last side area then I said screw it and just smashed through till the end. It’s kinda insane the scale they went with. Good luck to them keeping up with it now that you leave midgar. Maybe we’ll see the sequel by the end of next gen.
    that seems really really really fast.

    I clocked 50 hours and did almost every side mission on Normal difficulty. I had to replay a couple boss fights but didn't die that many times.
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  2. I played on easy and didnít die once
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  3. I just hit 41 hours today. I've a long ways to go.

  4. I think I'm around 35 hours and just finishing up Chapter 13? It's been over a week since I've been able to hop on but I agree with SaMog about the story and listening to the actors. It's one of the first games in a while where the voice acting and characters have felt good to me, or at least made me think of it more than as it was happening. And so far I died one time, when I fought the special battle against 2 Bombs in the Colosseum and was definitely not prepared for how quickly they dealt damage. Speaking of that section, Hell House or whatever it was can fuck right off, I'm really not looking forward to that on Hard.

  5. You’re screwed. Hell House takes about 15 minutes to beat. Bring lots of mega-potions.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Finished it, and thought the story was cool but dumb at the same time. It seems pretty certain that Aerith isn't going to die this time around. Now I need to play the original to see what the story is supposed to be. I really hate all the boss fights in this game, really boring and one-dimensional. And those bike sections, I wish they just CGI the whole thing.
    I was wondering what you didnít like about the bike scenes and then I got to Chapter 18 and realized why you hated it. That boss battle sucks. The bike doesnít accelerate fast enough for you to be affective in battle, and camera angles can be a bitch sometimes.


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