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Thread: Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)

  1. Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)

    This is a pretty fucking insane overhaul all things considered. I recommend you play that video at 720p and expand it full screen to really get the full effect.

    All info needed is found here.

    Has anyone ran this? I'm going to try it tonight or tomorrow and I'll get some comparisons up if at all possible.

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    Mac version?

  3. There's no Mac version of FFVII.

    Get XP on your machine.

  4. I don't see what's so impressive. It still looks like a hi-res PS1 game.

  5. FMVs are improved, which PS1 emulation doesn't do. Menus are improved, which PS1 emulation doesn't do. Lighting is improved with some done from scratch, which PS1 emulation can't do.

    Also there are completely new hi-res character model for cloud with other ones being worked on as we speak.

    Also there's remade weapon models and all the 2D spell effects were redone to be higher resolution. Music was also replaced with less compressed version from CD releases in many, if not all, places.
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    So rad.

  7. Looks great, but the music is what really made me enjoy that video.

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    lol at the cut scene at the end. Those used to be the best looking parts of the game. ow they look like shit compared to all the redone visuals.

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    Final Fantasy VII is returning to PC with clould saves, achievements, etc. Sounds like Steamworks to me.

  10. It always had Cloud saving in it.


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