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Thread: Amazon is selling Playstation 3 60gb for 39.99

  1. Amazon is selling Playstation 3 60gb for 39.99

    Dunno if it's a mistake, but I'm sure they have to honor it if you buy it. Go to and do a search for "Playstaion 3 60gb" and you'll see it.

  2. Target screwed up as well:

  3. They don't have to honor it.

  4. They totally do. It's in the Constitution. 500 consoles incoming and I've already quit my job.

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    lol, I'll give it a shot.

    whats the worse they can do? Refund my money?

  6. Ordered. It's not going to happen but maybe they'll issue a giftcard.

  7. in for one amazon credit

  8. Ordered... Thanks for the heads-up even if they don't honor it.

  9. Ordered. Official policy is that if the seller cannot get more in stock they'll just refund it if they charged for it. More likely they'll just void the orders and say sorry.

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    or send us all ps3 moves


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