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Thread: Emergency Sale - NEW STUFF ADDED 02.02.11

  1. Emergency Sale - NEW STUFF ADDED 02.02.11

    I need money quick. Really quick. You're gonna have to make offers here as I'm not pricing shit. If you can pay quick, you can probably get away with low offers, but don't be a dick. I don't fuck with paypal, but I'll take a cheque or money order.

    Xbox 360 old style 120gb hard drive.
    Xbox 360 old style console. Composite AV cable haha.

    MacBook Pro4,1
    2.4ghz Intel Core2 Duo, 2gb ram.

    Fender Blink-182 model guitar. Seafoam green. Has "fuck" written on the pickguard about 1,000 times. Solid guitar. Very heavy. Graphite saddles, and Sperzel locking tuners. GONE.

    Mark 2 Mosrite. White. This is the Johnny Ramone guitar. You probably can't afford it, but if you can I'll sell it to you.

    1967 Ampeg Gemini V

    1994 Crate BX-25
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    What happened?
    Pete DeBoer's Tie
    There are no rules, only consequences.

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    I'd buy the mosrite if I had the money

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    Unhelpful. BC how much should I ask him for the other guitar? I kind of want another one and I want to help him out but I have zero frame of reference for value.
    Pete DeBoer's Tie
    There are no rules, only consequences.

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    Depends. Josh has owned different mosrite like guitars and basses. If it is a new Mosrite Mark II, it is worth 1 to 1.8 thousand. It depends a lot on what condition it is, does it have the fancy mosrite bridge, and what country it was made in.

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    I'll put it this way. I have a 62 or 68 mosrite. The case is busted, someone cut huge chunks of the body out of it, and drilled holes into it, but I still got a deal on it at 500-600 bucks. The pickups are worth 150 each, the bridge is worth 300, the knobs are worth about 50 each, the pick guard is worth 50-100 and the neck is worth 100-250.

  7. It's totally worth it. These sales are usually held by a company that other companies hire when they are going out of business, they come in.

  8. See, the only spam there is the signature.

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    Josh is apparently going out of business and hired josh to come in and sell his things

  10. A smart business strategy as it keeps profit sharing to a minimum.


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