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Thread: Endhiran/Enthiran - The Robot

  1. Endhiran/Enthiran - The Robot

    The most expensive Bollywood movie ever made, it is completely ridiculous and amazing. Basically it's a random sci-fi movie about androids that are supposed to help mankind getting hacked and going bonkers, but the execution is just... yeah, I don't know what the fuck is going on. The trailer makes it seem just cliche, it's the second clip you need to see for the craziness.

    This next video features large sections of the action scenes and the climactic fight, so if for some reason you want to watch this film unspoiled don't click on this video. Mere words cannot describe the glory of what unfolds.

    They're working on an English dub, hopefully this gets released in America soon.

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    It's crazy; rides the razor's edge between super-lame and super-awesome. Proves definitively that Bollywood has more cash than brains, I think.
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  3. I searched for a title and got nothing, LABEL YOUR SHIT. (Also I was blinded by Archer episodes.)

    But yeah, it's just like when Japan decided they wanted to try and make Hollywood style blockbusters and basically did live-action 5am anime shows.


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