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Thread: Amazon Prime Now Comes with Free Unlimited Streaming Movies/TV

  1. Amazon Prime Now Comes with Free Unlimited Streaming Movies/TV

    For some (welcome) reason, Amazon is adding free streaming movies and television shows to its Prime shipping package. Prime provides free two-day shipping and $3.99 next-day shipping on almost anything you'd want to buy. Now, for the same $79 price, you get a year of unlimited streaming video.

    Prime already pays for itself, but that's an even sweeter deal. Even better, there's a free trial. Go to the Amazon Prime page to try it out. $15 next-day is for suckers and the desperate.
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  2. Oh man, I heard they were testing this in a few markets but it's nice to see that it's a real feature now. I only hope that the competition gets us a better selection in here and in Netflix.

    BTW, I guess the easiest way to get this stuff on an actual television is connecting your computer to the screen? None of the videogame consoles support it and I'm not going to buy a Roku or anything.

  3. I have a Roku, it's nice. This isn't going to lure me away from Netflix IW, but if I was looking to replace it this would be the way to go.
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  4. I was 100% stoked about this until I read it doesn't work with student accounts. After this year is up, I'll see where I stand.

    Ed - standalone Blu Ray Players, and some TV sets have aps for Netflix, Hulu+ and Amazon. I getting a Roku for the living room for Hulu and Netflix, but this certainly sweetens the pot.

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    it doesn't work with student accounts..

  6. What all does it stream?

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    I heard it streams Movies/TV.
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    It was not given.

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    Most days it isn't.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    I heard it streams Movies/TV.
    Yeah, but what ones.

    Does it stream selected titles that aren't already contracted by netflix or hulu? Is it everything you can buy on Amazon?


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