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Thread: 2 Fandango movie tickets for $9

  1. 2 Fandango movie tickets for $9

    You'd rather live in a rabbit hole or fetch your boss coffee for a month than pay for overpriced movie tickets. Cue the suspense music, 'cause today's deal lets you score something far more fetching: Drop $9 and LivingSocial will give you two film tickets (a biutiful 70% discount off the maximum value of $15 per ticket). Skip the lines and head to this four-star site, where you'll drop just seconds using the drop-down menu to buy tickets for the film you want to see at the location where you want to see it. Just type in your voucher code and follow the instructions to redeem it -- no agony or grit required. Whether you and your social network are on a quest to catch all those flicks that caught your eye during awards season, or you need an excuse to spend, say, 127 hours watching your favorite fighter with his shirt off (again and again...), be sure to snag this deal and follow the red carpet to It would be a reel shame to miss it.

  2. Thanks for the deal. I hope you copy/pasted that awful salespeak block of text though. It gave me douche chills.

  3. If he actually typed out "reel shame" I've half a mind to ban him.

  4. I didnt type that crap out. I just copy and pasted that from the website.

  5. Bought. Thanks for the heads up.


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