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Thread: PSP, DS, wireless audio headset

  1. Chu PSP, DS, wireless audio headset

    PSP: Original chunky model. Free of scuffs. 2BG memory stick, original case, Lumines UMD. I lost the charger. $50

    DS lite: Black. Comes with the R4 & 2GB. Great shape. Charger and little SD adapter included. $55. SOLD

    Turtle Beach EarForce X3 wireless headset. Game audio to the headset. Works wonderfully, just don't need it anymore. $30 all necessary components included.

    PM if you think the prices suck or something.
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  2. PM Sent.
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  3. If no one else wants the DS Lite I'll take it off your hands. I don't necessarily need it but it'd be cool to be able to play Arkanoid again with the paddle control.
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  4. PM sent

  5. DS is sold.


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