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Thread: GBA SP Plus/101 Backlit Model

  1. GBA SP Plus/101 Backlit Model

    Anyone have one of these collecting dust? I WOULD LOVE TO TRADE MVC3 FOR THIS, but I'm willing to part with cash and/or other games, too.

  2. Mine collects dust aplenty, but that doesn't mean I won't break it out some day soon and marinate in some Rhythm Tengoku drum mini-game shenanigans. Sorry.

    Are these hard to come by already? That would suck. Such a great system.

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    They aren't necessarily hard to come by, but sellers on the internet are often too retarded to know the difference between the SP models they are selling. I had to do a bit of digging before I found mine on ebay.
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  4. You nailed it. And of the few that know what they're selling, their auctions are BIN-only at unreasonable prices accompanied by even more unreasonable shipping charges.

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    What's a reasonable price? I bought a used one from Gamestop a couple of years ago.
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  6. I want a micro.... I think.

  7. PM SSJN, he probably have a crate of these.

  8. You know, I was thinking that. Can you do the PM thing whilst on a vacation?

  9. I believe you can.


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