I bought this system a few weeks ago:


It works quite well, but the modder used an newer model system to perform the component mod, so although the picture is 1000x better than the normal composite connection, the picture isn't perfect like my MVS setup. There is some slight vertical banding that you can see on dark or black screens (similar to some Genesis systems) that just irritates me a bit. Brighter screens are perfect, sharp, and the colors are vivid. I'd say the coloring is actually better than my MVS setup. I opened it up also, and the modder is very good, the soldering work is excellent.

I just paid for a low serial home system, so I no longer need this component modded one. Is there any interest in this system before I put it up on neo-geo.com or ebay? I'd sell it for a bit less than I paid, unless you wanted some extra goodies to go with it. The new system comes with a couple of old style joysticks and a box I don't need, and I have an extra copy of Fatal Fury Special JP if someone wanted it.

I'm really just seeing if there's any interest at the moment, I'll figure out final details and pricing when I get the new system and see exactly what bits I want to sell and what I want to keep.