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Thread: Phonetography - Cell Phone Cameras Only

  1. I was actually really proud of this shot until I saw a buddy had almost the exact same shot on Instagram. And then I realized that the same shot probably exists a million times since it's from a touristy-locale, from a very common perspective looking toward a very obvious subject. Oh well. I still like the shadowing in my shot. It was taken around 7:00 so the sun was starting to drop.

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  2. I feel like there is a "post your pictures thread" for shitty snapshots of your ugly friends. This is for shitty snapshots of fartsy things. IMO of course.

    It is a lot like that one time that calliander's girlfriend was posting her "party pics" in the photographers thread.

  3. I agree. I don't wanna tell Pineapple his shit ain't fartsy, but the intention of posts here should certainly be artistic-ish. Luckily for me, the Hipstamatic app makes everything look artsy, otherwise I'd have to try harder. Though even it can spit out some bad shots.

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    This is an old one. This dude was straight up walking around my neighborhood last summer. Btw... there were ZERO anime or video game conventions in town that day.

    Dude is Punk as Fuck.
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  5. #25
    Point taken. I'll attempt to snap something fartsy for you if I get the chance today. While I'm out looking for something to shoot here's a sibling rivalry I didn't have to ask them to pose for.
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  6. I took this in Jamaica:
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    I took this right when the stage lights flashed. Looks almost like a "real" picture. This was the best show I've ever been to in my entire life.
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    This is me, and my buddy windows XP.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Pineapple View Post
    here's a sibling rivalry
    Nice hotlink, you noob fucker.


  8. Hipstamatic is the autotune of photography.

  9. I agree, it's pretty fun for us amateurs to screw around with.

    Well, the Instagram anyway. That other program costs money and has nickel and dime shit. Fuck that one.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Zac View Post
    Hipstamatic is the autotune of photography.
    My dick. Hipstamatic does a great job of emulating older, entry level point and shoot cameras. I don't see the correlation.


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