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Thread: Phonetography - Cell Phone Cameras Only

  1. Phonetography - Cell Phone Cameras Only

    This thread is for photos taken and edited with only a cell phone. I used to hate taking pictures with a phone because I've got a DSLR and the shots never compare, but I've recently joined the iPhone bots and am absolutely loving the Hipstamatic and Instagram apps. Much more so than a simple fascination with the filters--in truth, I usually hate filters.

    Philosophically I've got a whole new appreciation for cell phone photography. It's not about absolute fidelity and quality, it's about "in this moment" and chance. I can't carry my DSLR everywhere I go, but my Hipstamatic is always at the ready. I love that shaking the app gives me a random combination of filters for a truly spontaneous image of the moment. It happens outside my control--it's chance and I love it.

    I've got a bunch of shots I like but I'll start with this one from Sunday, a picture of my cat sleeping by my lap. It's a shot I could almost never capture with a DSLR.

    Click for full size

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    I only take pictures with my cell phone. I love the hipstamatic ap because I love not having any fucking idea what is going to come out of it. Reminds me a lot of my very first camera, or my old Polaroid something or other that had all these wild light leaks.

    Good thread. I'll throw some shots up if I ever turn my computer on again.

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    Btw... all good photography is about the moment. IMO of course.

  4. I agree, especially with people. I hate when people try to pose for pictures I'm taking. If I bring up my camera and someone poses, I don't hit the shutter button.

  5. ...Unless I ask them to pose funny.

    Some pictures from today's trip to Santa Cruz.

    Click for full size

    Click for full size

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  6. My buddy Travis, he's kind of special.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  7. His hair is huge man, huge. He's also a very large guy in general.

  8. When did Andy Samberg become stricken with Down Syndrome and befriend Pineapple?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pineapple View Post
    My buddy Travis, he's kind of special.
    I think, perhaps, you're missing the point of this thread?


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