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Thread: Erik Unger Photography

  1. Erik Unger Photography

    Just in case anyone was interested in purchasing some of my work, I thought I'd share my website ( here. Pretty much all my favorites are up, you have the option of what size and type of paper and all prints are done at the professional photo lab Bay Photo.

  2. How much to take a picture of my balls?

  3. He should pay you for that privilege.

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  5. Some of these photos are really nice. They'd make some interesting discussion pieces at least.
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    I don't like those skiing shots, but your main portfolio shit is pretty rad. I'd consider putting some of these on my wall.
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  7. I shall buy one when I buy a house.

  8. I'll take a photo for anyone here. $.99 and I'll have it done in like 5 minutes but you can't choose what it is.

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    I'll pay you two dollars if I can choose.
    Pete DeBoer's Tie
    There are no rules, only consequences.

  10. No dice. You can pay me $2 and you'll get two pictures of my choice.


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