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Thread: Need advice/recommendations

  1. Question Need advice/recommendations

    Okay so myself and three or four friends of mine like metal, we are getting tired of burning cds for one another when we want someone to check out a band or album, so I've been looking for a place online where we could all sharing one account (just having access to the username/password) upload a few albums at a time and have access to download them.

    So far I've tried sendspace and its slow as hell in the uploading department, kinda sucks. Soulseek isn't a great option either, two of the ppl are on macs and besides we'd like to have access to the stuff even if the sharer isn't online.

    Are there any free, ad-free (or at least not as many ads) websites that one could do such a thing? I know the music club here does something like this - what do you guys use? Searching google for it just provides me with too much bs, I need trusted advice. Naturally I choose TNL's miscreants.
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  2. Dropbox. TNL uses it for the Music Club.
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  3. Seconded. Give me your email, and I'll send you a referral link that'll get both of us more space for free.

  4. Commentaries and Opinions on Metal

  5. downloading this program now
    Commentaries and Opinions on Metal

  6. gg signing up before I could send you the link, dumbfuck.

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