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Thread: Prey (2017)

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  2. Developer changes almost never work out well. At least in this case, the developer is good, and the original product looked good, so hopefully it'll be an exception, but usually there's a clash of vision when a project changes hands.

  3. Yikes. Wait and see I guess.

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    It's no Shenmue III, but this may be making a return at E3.

  5. That would be nice, there was a lot of promise in this game, but I see nothing here that couldn't just be a simple hoax.

  6. Was there any of that spirit walking nonsense? The only thing cool about the original was that it had portals before Portal, although it wasn't a mechanic they made good use of. I always suspected that they made the girlfriend look like a troll to begin with so the player would feel better about shooting her later in the game.

  7. I don't think Prey 2 had fuck all to do with the first game at all, really.

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  9. That doesn't look like it involves hunting alien bounties across a Blade Runner-esque open world environment. Did they not get the memo that everyone who was excited for Prey 2 was excited for the game Prey 2 was described as, the fact it made no sense as a sequel to Prey notwithstaning, and that virtually no-one is interested in a game that does?

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    The original really was pretty good, considering. For a budget game I picked up it was fun but inconsistent.

    Why doesn't someone just make a Blade Runner game? You could easily set a game in that world that has nothing to do with the book characters. You could make almost any story.
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