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Thread: Prey (2017)

  1. I dunno man, I played through System Shock 2 using only psi powers on the hardest difficulty so I guess I shouldn't talk. But that was after I had played the game like 4 times.
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    I did Dishonored 2 on the hardest difficulty with no powers, but I'll readily admit this already seems harder.

  3. this game is kicking my ass n hard

    I started a standard power run and I am just getting beat every time

    I am several hours in and debating whether to start over

    how in the blue hell did you beat this on hard with NO abilities?
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    I played on Normal with no abilities. It was Dishonored 2 I did on Hard.

  5. Oh, I mixed you and Tain together.

    I legit started over despite being several(real)hours into it. Stayed on Hard, though.

    Patience and observation are really important here, as it's the difference between surviving by the skin of your teeth and having lots of items to spare.

    More so than any of the other games in this genre, I think. So far this is tracking to have the best gameplay of them all.
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  6. Good on you for tackling with no abilities, but holy crap does that not sound fun. I mean, the game is begging you to acquire abilities (even if they're just the human ones). And some optional parts may be impossible without them. Whatever -- as long as you're enjoying it. But I will say there are some parts toward the end that may be pretty rough...
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  7. I'm using the human abilities.

  8. Ah. In that case, you'll be fine. I only used two alien abilities, and I could have managed without them. In fact, by the end of game, I was killing almost everything with the wrench.
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  9. That's what I am doing a lot. This game is so great. It might not have the crazy stuff like Deus Ex where trivial things or alternate ways of doing stuff affect plot or sub quests (seems pretty linear that way) but the gameplay is probably the best in the genre.

    BTW the coffee achievement was brilliant...the LG screen videos always seem to have a secondary intent
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  10. Yeah, the game really is great. I did just about every side quest that appeared, and also spent tons of time just exploring. There's often some reward or surprise for going off the beaten path -- sometimes amusing, something downright chilling. Great stuff.
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