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Thread: New mobile skin?

  1. New mobile skin?

    Without a new posts button it is worthless. Is the old one still available?

  2. Clicking a thread takes you to the first post in the thread. hilarious.

    You're fucking up my bus ride man!

  3. Aaaaaand it changed back? Sure is confusing over here.

  4. The mobile skin either hates blackberry or hates me. I only get blank pages when I use. Stuck usong featherweight or whatever the old mobile skin is called.

  5. I can't get the Apple and Android apps done because I have no money. I will try have them after E3, since I get a promotion in late June. Blackberry users may find that Tapatalk is their best bet.

  6. You know damn well that we will "pre-order" those apps. You could also start a kickstarter page.

  7. You have to select the featherweight skin from the dropdown menu at the bottom left if you want to change back while in the new mobile skin.

    If you try to go into your settings and switch it, it straight up doesn't work.

  8. For me, it switched from featherweight, to the lol one, then back to featherweight without me actually doing anything.

    I thought a new mobile skin got pushed out. It was confusing.

  9. Assuming all goes well, the Apple and Android apps should be ready at the end of the month.

  10. Sweet.


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