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Thread: what is this?

  1. what is this?

    It runs on TNL along with Google-Analytics.

  2. Shut up.

  3. they're javascript files

  4. Try to be more vague about it.

    I'm blocking them unless you give me a good reason not to.

  5. they're files

  6. Two of those measure the number of visitors, which helps us get review products and shows that even though we aren't like network TV, we're not like cable access either. Those scripts load asynchronously, so they don't slow down the page or affect browsing in any other way. I don't know why you'd block Google Analytics.

    The other one is a program I have been testing to replace the old Amazon program, which is completely dead in the state of Illinois as of the end of this month. The last payment from Amazon is in about ten days.
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  7. Also, Quantcast ratings got me into E3 this year. If I hadn't got in, this summer would be terrible.

  8. Thanks for the info. You should consider banning cka from posting here.


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