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Thread: No more TNL/Amazon store?

  1. No more TNL/Amazon store?

    I noticed that you can't buy stuff from Amazon via TNL's store page anymore. Did the partnership end, and if so, will it be reinstated? Or is there a new link I have to visit?

    EDIT: So I found this after I posted my thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nick
    The other one is a program I have been testing to replace the old Amazon program, which is completely dead in the state of Illinois as of the end of this month. The last payment from Amazon is in about ten days.
    I guess that explains what happened to TNL/Amazon. What, if anything, will take its place?
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  2. The Amazon affiliate program ended in Illinois as a response to a law our state government passed. There is an Amazon search box on the Store page (ugly) and at the bottom of the sidebar on the main forum page (out of the way), though, that I am testing. Obviously, I have to revamp the Store now, but that will take some time. Meanwhile, I encourage you to use the existing search box - the one in the sidebar is easy to get to.

    Thanks so much for your support, both in purchase referrals and in contributing your thoughts to the forums.


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