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Thread: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    In what comes as a shock to no one:

    Looks like more of the same, but this time focused on American soil. I won't lie, I'll totally play it, but with each new iteration I genuinely care less and less.

    I do like that this looks to be a better Homefront, though.
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  2. Looks sweet. Im not sick of these games yet, so Im excited. Its also rumored that theres some enviroment destructibility. Which I really could care less if it does or does not have. As long as the games retains the series 60 fps gameplay and best console controls, I'll be happy.
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  3. I guess that with Guitar Hero dead, this is the only other franchise Activision can beat into the ground.

  4. Like every year, I hoped to resist, but I'm liking that they're going full-out world war 3 here. I totally dug the whole homeland invasion thing in MW2, there are suprisingly few videogames willing to really bloody up "safe" countries in a modern setting in any meaningful way.

  5. It looks way better than I expected in that trailer. Ive always liked the MW ones better than Treyarch's stuff. Ill give it a shot when it gets cheap.
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  6. I caught the commercial during the NBA Playoffs last night. Looks like the same old boring COD.

    Isn't this Treyarch's game now? I thought Infinity Ward took their ball and went home.

  7. Naw, it's still IW's baby (or what's left of it).
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  8. IW still exists and are making this, they're just not all the same people. The studio heads left after Activision's contract breach allegation brouhaha and formed Respawn.

  9. There's only one FPS series thats constantly pushing gameplay and graphics with every new release:

    Make the correct decision TNL.

  10. I'm waiting for Starhawk.


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