With my old 60GB PS3 dying recently, this was great timing. Currently, Target is giving out a $60 gift card with the purchase of a PS3. The thing is, they're also running a promotion where certain purchases from the electronics department will give you a coupon for a $100 Target gift card with the purchase of a PS3. Since the $60 card is a promotion and the $100 card comes from a coupon, they can be combined.

The method for getting the $100 gift card coupon isn't exact, but so far it seems like it won't come from video games, and best chance is a DVD or Blu-ray purchase. Price doesn't seem to be important, and the moment the person at the register scans the bar code for the movie, the coupon will print if you're going to get it. Many people had had luck getting the coupon when buying 40-Year-Old Virgin on Blu-ray (on sale currently for $10), but that didn't work for me; my second attempt, T2 Skynet Edition on Blu-ray, did.