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Thread: Fighting Game Tournament Discussion or Something

  1. I don't care about sticks, to be honest. They're just a tool for me to enjoy a medium. But it's cool you're branching out over there. I've become less interested in the bullshit and just read rather than post.

  2. I'm an ideas guy.
    Boo, Hiss.

  3. Why not just make two separate sticks and have a breakout box with the PCB in it?

  4. It'd be more space.
    Boo, Hiss.

  5. At least you won a match, man. That's better than Razor or I managed to do at our last events.
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  6. Hey, if things like this

    can sell, I'm sure you can move a few of these Stick/less things. The first thing I thought of was the Royds stick too; I see that was mentioned over at SRK.

    I'll bet one of the woodworking masters over there could come up with a real nice interlocking dovetail type wood frame that could be secured on the inside. Post it if you end up making one.
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  7. I'm working with one of them now.

    We're trying to get a prototype together just to make it work - then make it all nice-like for other people.

    The prototype will be Madcatz TE-S size. I figure it'll give us plenty of room to work and it'll be comfy with the button side.
    Boo, Hiss.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jyoung View Post
    At least you won a match, man. That's better than Razor or I managed to do at our last events.
    I just got burned. I'll make up for it at a tournament in August. Hopefully I'll get higher than 17th place.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by icarusfall View Post
    It'd be more space.
    It would be two sticks instead of 1.5.
    In any case, it sounds like a fun project.
    Are you just swapping the left half of the panel or making the whole box split in half?
    I do have one interesting idea for you, if you haven't considered it already. You could use one of those custom screw-in shafts for the joystick and make the stick reversible, like the left half would just flip over, having a stick on one side and buttons one the other. The buttons have a low enough profile that they won't be a problem when they're on the bottom. You just need to make it so the common wire is only connected for the device that's currently on top, which would be fairly easy.
    The actual rotating and locking mechanism might be a bit trickier, but I think it's doable.
    That would get rid of the 1.5 joysticks thing and make it even more compact.

  10. The whole box will split in half. It keeps the guts safer when they're not connected.

    That's a really cool idea about the rotating box. Even with there being a notch in the bottom for the "jump" button, we could just duplicate it on the top. Phreakmods is coming out with that removable JLF shaft soon. the mechanics of it would need to be figured out, but I can see it in my brain. You could even just have 2 USB connectors in the left half and plug them when appropriate. Put feet on both sides and you'd have clearance for any style buttons.

    Good stuff - thanks for the idea.
    Boo, Hiss.


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