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Thread: Fighting Game Tournament Discussion or Something

  1. It really was. Tokido won it honest, too. No raging demon shenanigans.
    Boo, Hiss.

  2. The other guy just wilted under the pressure, which just happens sometimes. Look at the Falcons.

  3. Yeah, there were about three rounds in a row after the reset bracket where they weren't even playing the same game.

    What a great top 8. Not a repeated character or a Balrog throughout it.

  4. Apparently that Punk guy beat Tokido handily in the semifinals. But he had no experience on the big stage vs a veteran on a roll through the loser bracket. Pretty interesting.

  5. Tokido getting a second crack at Punk, in a longer set to win, also meant he had time to figure out Punk. Experience really came through. Punk is only 18 I think, he's got the time and talent to get even better.

    SonicFox got 5th in Injustice 2 which is completely nuts. His domination in NRS games has been silly for the longest time. Apparently, he's really good at Skullgirls too.

  6. Tokido also beat Punk in a longer set of casual matches so the finals were essentially "download complete".
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  7. It was telling to see Punk's heel persona melt away. They panned a shot to him after Tokido talked to Gootecks and he appeared to be bawling into his hands. Graciously the camera jumped away. It was ugly.
    Boo, Hiss.

  8. In his match to get into grand finals he was already seriously struggling to hold it together. From that point on he did an admirable job of holding those tears in, but he couldn't focus on the matches. I really feel that if he had been able to keep his emotions in check he could have won. Next year.

    That said, Tokido played like a madman. When Punk fell apart he straight up ate his lunch.

  9. capcom cup top 8 has been entertaining, nemo's urien is out of this world and it's almost time for the hopeful cringe fest that is the "halftime show"

    e: also, unfortunately, nobody is getting pac man'd by the doors this year
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  10. I had no idea who Mena RD was until today, but it was great to see him make it to the top.


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