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Thread: Fighting Game Tournament Discussion or Something

  1. Now that I'm playing 3s again, I've pretty much lost interest in watching the new stuff. I'll still watch EVO, but SFV etc. have lost my peepers.

  2. Northeast Championship is streaming now as well. Lots of old games there.

  3. Top 8 at capcom cup was fun. Most of the matches were close, and there was a different cast of characters than usual. Not a single Cammy, Guile, Akuma, or Chun Li.

    The reveal for season 4 was a bit of a letdown compared to last year. Instead of revealing the S4 roster, they decided to release 'Kage'(who is basically Ryu's version of Akuma's Oni form) immediately and showed nothing about the rest of the season. Maybe that's all we're getting. Who knows. I would actually be happy if S4 is the last, and they can move on to something new, like Saturday Night Slam Masters 3.

  4. They released Kage and the balance patch tonight but with no patch notes... lol

    They said, "go find what we changed... and we are out".

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  5. burn it to the ground

  6. SFV Kage patch notes

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  7. Pretty good Final Round pool play so far.

    Tokido and a bunch of others already out.
    Boo, Hiss.

  8. Combo Breaker is this weekend! There's a crap ton of games, here's the link to the schedule:

  9. I hope some of the older games actually get stream time.

  10. You already know the answer.
    Boo, Hiss.


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