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Thread: Fighting Game Tournament Discussion or Something

  1. Yeah. Also playing SF5, 3S singles, and hopefully 3S teams. The games I really wanted to play, CVS2 and A2, filled before I entered.

  2. GLHF!

  3. ds...

  4. He's on nycfurby's stream right now!

  5. damn I got bopped on stream.

    I was so nervous and dropped combos. Never made it far enough to be on stream since streams were a thing; this is my first real tournament in about nine years.

    Had a ton of fun nonetheless! Beat three guys in 3S despite getting Dq'd my first match because I was still playing MK (still a little peeved about that). Happy with my first tournament in my first NRS game, though.
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  6. You'll do better next time now that you got that modern tourny experience. How well was the event run? There's a lot of people (JWong and Bahn being two) saying it was trash.

  7. Seemed a little rough, though not too bad compared to pre-Twitch tournaments. It was incredibly difficult to hear your name being called during pools due to the sheer number of attendees crammed into a given room and the PA systems being occupied by DJs instead of tournament organizers. If you look at the brackets, there were waaaaay more DQs than usual. In fact, part of the reason I was able to play MK on stream is because one of my wins came from Justin Wong being DQ'd in my bracket. If you have to DQ players because they're playing other tournaments, then you simply shouldn't be running that many simultaneous tournaments. It was also disappointing that stations didn't have headphones in pools. This might be a nitpick; though I know Combo Breaker offered headphones at all stations, I'm not sure if that's the standard.

    You probably read that a Louisiana player had a seizure at the event and died in an NY hospital shortly thereafter. There's some conjecture on Twitter spuriously tying the death to the heat wave and an unavailability of water and AC at the event. I'll concede that the arcade room where the 3S tournament was held got a little uncomfortable, but never dangerously so. And water was always in supply; I thought the New Yorker staff did a great job keeping the cooler stocked.

    TLDR: Compared to tournaments from My Day (2001 - 2010), it was only a little disappointing. Compared to the modern tournament experience as you put it, perhaps it comes off as worse, but I don't have the proper frame of reference to make that judgment.

  8. Another caveat: One of the anime fighter guys flipped out about late brackets and took all his setups home. So anyone playing UNIST, GG, or DBFZ likely had a much different, much less pleasant experience than guys like me playing SF5, MK11, and old stuff run on arcade hardware.

  9. EDIT:

    Looks like capcom just rolled with the leak and released the full character trailers.

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