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Thread: Fighting Game Tournament Discussion or Something

  1. None of these tournaments were going to be anything special. There are online tournaments on twitch on a fairly regular basis for most of the bigger titles, so you'd likely see the same players and commentators on those streams as you would for EVO online.
    Hopefully they get their house in order before offline events come back.

  2. Damn it.

  3. I need a new fightpad.

    The dpad broke off my Retro-bit Genesis pad while playing USF4 with Pineapple. I guess it wasn't meant for churning butter and mashing out ultras. I'm pretty disappointed, though, since I've been pretty gentle with it. My original Genesis controllers lasted me an entire generation and a half of heavy use, and still worked fine when I sold them. This thing fell apart in a little over a year, and I hate the way the start button is used to switch input modes. The Saturn pads are apparently even worse. I'm going to try to fix it, but I think it might be better used as a PCB for some future project.

    I'm thinking of getting another Hori Fighting Commander. I owned one before and liked it, but it got sort of mushy after a couple of years. I've heard nothing but bad things about pretty much every other option.

  4. I'm splitting time between the blue tooth Saturn pad and the hori fighting commander on my PC. Both good, but I'm not a huge fan of the Dpad on the Hori. Everything else is great, especially the buttons. On the Saturn pad, I've never been a fan of the small XYZ buttons on it or the Genesis 6 button but man, it just melts into my hands and the Dpad is so nice.

    I'm curious about the Power A 6 button pad, but not 60 bucks curious but once it goes to 30 or less, I'll pick one up. Also lusting about the new Qanba Pearl stick coming at the end of the month. It's a white Obsidian with a noir layout. Only thing stopping me is the question of next gen compatibility on the PS5 side of things. Still close to preordering though.

  5. In my experience, Hori's dpads are great once once they're broken in, but they turn to mush relatively fast. I don't think I've ever had one last two years.

    Those tiny Sega XYZ buttons do kinda suck, especially when you need to press a combination of buttons, but I had gotten used to it. The Saturn 3D pad actually has the same dpad, but normal sized XYZ buttons. Retro-bit was apparently going to make a USB reproduction of it as part of their partnership with Sega, but there haven't been any updates about it this year.

    I tried playing Street Fighter with all my various controllers, like the Pokken Hori pad, a few different XBOX360 controllers, a PS1 digital controller, and a PS Classic controller. The Playstation controllers were the most reliable for tricky motions, like SPD's and z-motion charge moves. I don't know how much of that is just latent muscle memory kicking in from my college days, though. It certainly doesn't compare to Sega's design.

  6. That Qanba stick looks nice, kinda like the original Hori Fighting Edge, which is what I have. I've always liked the Noir layout better than the Viewlix layout, so it's always nice to see more sticks using it. I would actually like a smaller arcade stick with the six-button layout, but the trend seems to be going the other way.

  7. Qanba Drones are pretty small and easily moddable. 70 bucks currently. I like having smaller sticks for my PC set-up in my bedroom and full size sticks for my basement set-up where me and real fighters go to fightman lol.


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