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Thread: Fighting Game Tournament Discussion or Something

  1. The stick is only necessary because both Sony and Microsoft decided not to give a fuck about the d-pad working. I played every game before SSF4 on a pad and had no problems with DC or PS2. In fact I prefer them over arcade sticks but here we are.

  2. Yeah I used to play all my Dreamcast fighters on the stock pad back in the day. Never had any complaints.

    If the 360 just had a decent d-pad, it would be fine for MK9.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Dipstick View Post
    jyoung, I think Arcana Heart 3 is more your speed. :V
    You mean Evil Zone.
    Quote Originally Posted by jyoung
    It's definitely a "real" fighting game now. Some people just don't like the Midway style of game, I guess.
    Fixed. Namco, Aksys, SNK, Examu, Ecole, Sega, and so on have done just fine for years and all have a smooth and more natural flow to their games, it's only Midway that's had an issue being publicly accepted by the people who play against more than their siblings and two friends.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    I'm going to be at East Coast Throwdown that weekend. That's another EVO qualifier event.
    That thing is right in my neck of the woods. I'd do a meetup if anyone is down.

  5. If you come I'll say hi. I'm more about playing and getting better than bullshitting. But if I get knocked out best believe I'll have my flask in hand getting hammered.

  6. I agree that the other 3D Mortal Kombats were crap, but Boon and co. really stepped their game up with this one. The last Mortal Kombat I played before this was Armageddon on the PS2, but I quit playing that one after a few weeks because of how ridiculous it was online (the lag was actually real good, but the game itself sucked).

    However, MK9 I have been playing daily for two months now, in spite of the netcode being awful for ranked matches.

    After the latest patch, the netcode will be fixed and the game will be pretty well balanced. There won't be any characters who are at a real disadvantage aside from Baraka.

  7. I've been saying it forever and so have many other players: a balanced game isn't necessarily a fun one to play. SSF4 proved that point.

  8. Does jyoung work for Midway or something?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    I've been saying it forever and so have many other players: a balanced game isn't necessarily a fun one to play. SSF4 proved that point.
    But a horribly unbalanced fighter usually isn't fun at all. Balance is ALWAYS a good thing, but there are many other issues that can ruin the game.

    Also things brisco and jyoung said
    Mk9 though is:

    A) In no way shape or form balanced
    B) VERY sluggish
    C) Quite homogenious

    It isn't a horrible game, it really isn't. I could see people enjoying it even. It has the mix-ups of a 3d game in a 2d game, which would be nice for people who prefer that sort of mixup game? It's poke game is relatively poorly thought out, which isn't great because that is generally very important for 2d games. I like the projectile game overall, but it just seems some characters have incredibly powerful options, and others have almost nothing.

    Some characters have decent safe pokes, some characters have horribly unsafe pokes. You CAN use this to create diversity with balance, I just think NRS dropped the ball with it to the point where I didn't enjoy playing the game.

    Really if one thing got me, it was just how sluggish the game felt. Inputs for strings and such are read and stored 40 million frames in advance, which goes against my instincts of double tapping and such to try and deal with the horrible lag. If I want to punish kung lao's spin, I need to be PRETTY FUCKING ON POINT with online lag. So I double/triple tap, which can give me a string that no longer allows me a decent combo. It is issues like that which make me roll my eyes, seems like the work of a rookie developer with good intentions. Raiden's teleport? Might as well be frame advantage, because he can teleport and do moves before I can do shit with online lag. I mean, if your netcode is THAT bad, you can't put moves in with that sort of lightning fast recovery. If they had hired a fighting game player who really thinks this stuff out, (I have a few who come to mind, though they are often not top of the top players because they have a tenancy not to tier whore quite as badly) much of this could have been avoided.

    SF4 was a shitty offline game, but it was actually made with many concessions in mind for online play, like large throw break windows.

    At the end of the day, I would say MK9 is like the top of the minor league, not quite ready for the majors yet.

    For jyoung: If you are enjoying the game that much, that is awesome! It certainly isn't a dead end game, just has issues.
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  10. I don't like pokes playing a major role in my fighting games, so I think that's why I prefer MK9 over Street Fighter IV and stuff like Soul Calibur, Tekken, and Virtua Fighter. Pokes are only useful at super close range in MK9. MK9 is more about special moves and big juggle combos.

    The shit netcode in ranked matches really limits what you can do online, though. Certain moves are impossible to see coming with the lag (teleports, dashes), much less block them and punish with a combo. It's all I can do just to punish people with an uppercut online. Punishing with a combo is pretty much impossible.

    Thankfully, the PS3 people are reporting that combos are actually doable online since the patch!


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