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Thread: My game collection

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    My game collection

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    What do the asterisks denote?

  3. I am really interested in Dragon Warrior 7, but it is only one game. If you don't mind selling one game, lmk. Also, SSJN will probably be interested in whole lot.

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    I didn't mean to leave them in there, but the asteriks denote games I will only sell as part of a lot or for top dollar.
    To boldly go where lots of men have gone before...

  5. PM sent.
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    Make that two.

  7. Damn, there's a lot of good stuff on there, but I don't want to lowball you.

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    yeah, everything I want is rare and I'm totally going to low ball

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    I think I'm going to get Squeak Squad and maybe some GameCube stuff for the kid. Any thoughts on which GC games she could handle? Billy Hatcher or Air Ride maybe?

  10. Billy Hatcher is basically 3D Mario lite. If your kid could control a mario game, I'd go with it, it's pretty freaking charming.


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