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Thread: New Google Stuff

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    New Google Stuff

    Google +
    Google Music

    I'm in the beta for Music, I want to talk about it.

    I need an invite to google +.

    Anyone else want to talk about this stuff?
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  2. Applied for the beta for Music, + is closed off for now.

  3. I guess I was talking about it in the wrong thread. What's not to like about Google Music? Nothing.

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    Is there a wrong thread?

    Google Music is a little weird. It gave a bunch of my songs thumbs-up and I don't know why. Most of the songs with thumbs-ups (and downs, I don't delete full albums even if there are tracks I don't like becasue fuck you) simply correspond to my star ratings in iTunes, since that's the library I used to upload.

    BUT some of the songs with tu's are straight up unrated, so I don't know what the hell is going on. It's not like I rated them in winamp or winmediaplayer, I don't use that shit anymore. (Actually I've used winamp to rip my .flacs, have to change that.)

    So I'm wondering what the hell else it's reading to come up with that?

    Also it skipped you know, a third of my library because I have too many songs, and managing it manually is kind of a pain in the ass.
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    There are no rules, only consequences.

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    In other news I'm super fucking excited for a google facebook sans bullshit. The trick, as it always is, will be to convince everyone that google's product is better. I still know people who aren't on gmail.
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    There are no rules, only consequences.

  6. I'm currently on my 4th day uploading songs. I am almost up to 2k out of 7,206 songs it thought I should upload. It's missing so much of my library but at the rate it's uploading music I don't care.

  7. It uploaded nearly all of my library with no issues I'm not sure what this problem you all are having is? I assume the stuff it didn't upload was because Apple is a jealous bitch.

  8. It just ignored much of library but that is my fault for having music everywhere. I will deal with it once this first wave is done in another week. Do you use the Android app? If so, does it work well?

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    No, for me, it didn't upload because I have 30k+ songs. It's pretty arbitrary that they give you a song limit and not a size limit. Yes, the DRM thing sucks. I'm just saying, it uploaded podcasts and shit and now I have to go manually edit out the garbage that I don't need in there and find the music that DIDN'T get uploaded. There are half-albums that upped.
    Pete DeBoer's Tie
    There are no rules, only consequences.

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