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Thread: A random collection of Videogames and Accessories no one probably wants.

  1. A random collection of Videogames and Accessories no one probably wants.

    All prices are without shipping in mind. If you think something is way off base i price, offer me something different. Worst case scenario I say no. Pictures forthcoming.

    -Metroid Prime Trilogy $70 (Factory sealed, great condition)

    -Gameshark Lite $10 (US, Complete, use this it play imports apparently)
    -Dreamcast to Neo Geo Pocket Color link cable $offers (Complete with box, cable, baggy and all that jazz, I've never used it but heat over the years has unsealed the sides of the box)

    -Fighters Megamix $10 (US, Complete, a few light marks on the disc but nothing that affects gameplay)
    -Saturn Link Cable $10 (Blaze brand, not sealed but new since I got it and never unwrapped the innards)
    -Gameshark $10 (Not sure on the version #, still had 900# to dial for more codes!)
    -GT24 $10 (JPN version, No obi strip, excellent condition disc)

    -Shadow Squadron $offers (factory sealed, no idea on what something like this goes for, left side looks squished a bit, will post a picture to show what I mean)

    -Nomad Power Back $offers (Complete with box, inner packaging and baggie, had alot of stickers on from front and side though.)
    -Toe Jam and Earl: Panic on FunkOTron $15 (Complete, case still has hangtag on it, actually comes with two instruction books, one beat up, one near mint.)

    Neo Geo AES
    -Samurai Shodown 2 $40 (US, AES, Cart only but label is in great condition)

    -Ace Combat 2 $4 (Disc only, US version, slight marks on disc)
    -Megaman X5 $4 (Disc only, US version, good condition disc)
    -Ape Escape $5 (Complete, US version, good condition)
    -Cotton Original $20 (JPN, Complete, Superlite 1500 series release)

    Random stuff that I don't know where else to put:
    -Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II $offers (Gamecube, JPN version, complete)
    -Cybiko MP3 player $offers (complete in box, never got a chance to test this thing out, but props to anyone who knows what a cybiko is.)
    -Virtua Fighter 32X Promo Shirt $offers (Still in baggie, size Adult XL)
    -Super Mario Bros 2 $offers (Famicom Disc System, JPN version, Floppy disc, case, case insert and manual)
    -Micro Micro Machines Star Wars 3 pack $offers (Given away at re-release of original Star Wars trilogy, I think Empire Strikes Back if memory serves correctly, sealed in Baggie, includes Millenium Falcon, Slave I, and Death Star II)
    -Phantasy Star Hint Sheets $offers (Don't know how to describe these other than this is the sheet you got hints and tips read off of when you called into the 1-900-sega style phone numbers back in the 80's and 90's. Very interesting piece.)

    Things I would like:
    -Cash Money
    -Xbox Live Marketplace Point Cards
    -Xbox 360 Kinect
    -Verizon/Virgin Mobile Droid based Handset

    Throw me out some offers or something, I don't really expect anyone to want any of this stuff, but I may be surprised. Send me a PM, or e-mail me.


    Edit: Here's the album to look at my shitty wares. I appologize for the terrible photo quality. Attempting to use my Cell phone's camera and making the best of it.
    Shit for Sale's pictures
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  2. Glad to see you didn't trade in that metroid!
    I don't suppose those nomads power backs are working? I've read that they're all maligned. Lol! I typed k-a-p-u-t and the stupid phone changed it to maligned.
    Anyway, if they still hold a charge I would be interested in one.

  3. Yeah, I wanted that too but I'm pretty sure by now the only way you can get a working one would be to replace the battery inside the thing. Those rechargeable packs were not meant to have a 15 year shelf life.
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  4. Was there not a battery pack that accepted AA batteries?

  5. Well, I don't have a nomad to test thing thing on, nor a power current tester to see if it actually holds a charge. Worse comes to worse, I can pop the box open (not taped at all) and see if I can see any kind of corrosion that might be a tip off of sorts, if not I can just send it out to you first to test it out and make sure it works.

    Also, I did end up trading in one prime for gas money one week. That one is my nice sealed copy I managed to snag for the same price.

    Josh: There was, the standard pack on a Nomad took AA batteries. The Powerback was just a rechargable version you couldn't open, from what I can tell.

  6. I have two nomads with no battery holders.
    I refuse to spend $30 for one, and that's the cheapest I've found them.

  7. Well, I only have one, and I wouldn't want $30 for one, so toss me an offer, I'll ship it off to you to test it and if you are satisfied, we can work something out from there if you want.

  8. The 30 is for the one that just holds the AA batteries. The charging ones are dirt cheap, because they all are dead.

  9. Well, added a picture album to the end of my original post and added a thing or two to the list.


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