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Thread: Dishonored (PC, PS3, 360)

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    Dishonored (PC, PS3, 360)

    Quote Originally Posted by Joystiq
    Bethesda announced its acquisition of Arkane Studios at last year's QuakeCon in August, and Arkane CEO Raphael Colantonio promised to reveal the game in the future, "including at QuakeCon." While we may have been incorrect in thinking Colantonio meant last year's QuakeCon, we're pretty sure this year's event will have more info. You see, it's the cover of Game Informer's August issue.

    Meet Dishonored, the latest project from the studio that delivered Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, and the never-released The Crossing. With a creative team that includes Colantonio, Harvey Smith, of Deus Ex fame, and Viktor Antonov, the artist behind Half-Life 2's celebrated City 17, it's going to be tough to remain journalistically impartial. Want to know what it's all about? We'll let Game Informer do the talking here since, well ... they've actually seen it:

    Dishonored is the antithesis of a edge-of-your-seat roller-coaster ride. It's a game about assassination where you don't have to kill anyone. It's a game about infiltration where you can set up traps and slaughter the entire garrison of an aristocrat's mansion rather than sneak in. It's a game about brutal violence where you can slip in and out of a fortified barracks with nobody ever knowing you were there. It's a game about morality and player choice where the world you create is based on your actions, not navigating conversation trees.

    Okay, that's hitting all our spots, but years of chronic disappointment have taught us to temper our expectations. Deus Ex designer coupled with Half-Life 2 artist backed by Bethesda's deep pockets? Nope, we're not going to budge.

    edit: More from Eurogamer
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  2. I thought this thread was about your mother's rape.

  3. After the buildup for this month's GI cover, I was hoping for mirror's Edge 2. Blah. Still, i'm down for a new IP.

  4. I thought EA was going for another Medal of Honor relaunch.
    I liked DMoM&M, and heard good things about Arx Fatalis on PC.
    I'm interested.

  5. They're releasing a sequel to the last MOH, amazingly.

  6. It wasn't a terrible game.

    Deserves an improved sequel more than most of the shit they crank out.

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    That image looks a little too much like City 17 for my tastes. It's exactly the same combination of crumbling European architecture, angular new construction, and spindly robots that was present in Half-Life 2. I'm still interested, though. There can never be too many immersive simulations, and Arkane is two for two so far. I wonder what engine they're using.

  8. Very interested, I like Arkane a lot and this seems like the kind of thing I want to see from them.

  9. There's been a lot of info about this this week. For example:

    This is going high on the watch list. I found Dark Messiah to be very underrated and having Deus Ex's lead designer involved adds a lot of credibility. Unique world and good art direction, too. I expect good things from this one.
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  10. Eh. Harvey Smith's last few games sucked and Antonov is just ripping off his HL2 work.


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