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Thread: The Evil Dead

  1. Season 3 went up on Netflix and it was a lot of fun. It looks like they spent a small fortune on it, there are some crazy effects in every episode and the finale is epic. Fun show, since BC is retiring as Ash I'd be curious to see what they do with the Evil Dead from here.

  2. Just finished it today too. Kinda bummed thereís no more. Getting cancelled on a cliffhanger is some bullshit. Though apocalypse Ash isnít really something Iím interested in. I kinda wish they sent him back to have round two with the Primitives. Game of Ash couldíve been great.

  3. I still haven't gotten through season 3. I really enjoyed the first two seasons but after the showrunner got kicked out and they re-shot the end of the season 2 finale (which now makes no sense), the plot/tone of the show noticeably changed and I found myself not enjoying it nearly as much. The humor also suddenly got super-cringey as well, like when Ash was attacked by goofy flying band instruments at the high school (as opposed to when Ash literally got his head shoved up a corpse's asshole in season 2, I KNOW, but it's all in the execution).

    I keep hearing that season 3 starts out rough (it did) but steadily improves as it goes on, but I'm really finding the show to be a bit of a slog at the moment and I often just forget about it for extended periods.

    There are interviews out there detailing the behind-the-scene issues and the plotline the original showrunner was going to go with for season 3 before the shake-up. I'm actually pissed off knowing what could have been.

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