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Thread: The new posts button...

  1. The new posts button...

    ...was just replaced with a Private Messages button. Worst idea ever. Please undo this change.

  2. not until we upgrade vbulletin, as I am not fond of a hole-ridden search engine (fyi it says that because I disabled searching until that happens)

  3. The new posts button was the best part of TNL.

  4. When are you upgrading? This seriously decreases functionality for your users.

  5. just as soon as I get the password to download a new version

  6. You should replace the 'New Posts' button with a 'cka' button that farts in our face when we click it.

  7. #8
    I see changes.

  8. The settings button across the top has disappeared as well.
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  9. Not for me!


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