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Thread: Red Bull

  1. Red Bull

    There's an old locked thread circa 2002. Before my time. Feel free to merge:

    Or not.

    Has anyone noticed 8oz cans taste better than the larger ones? I regularly alternate, and consistently notice a difference from the very first sip. It's likely psychological, as I can think of no rational reason for this, aside from maybe the smaller cans being able to cool down an extra couple degrees.

    It's not just me:

  2. It all tastes like irradiated urine to me.

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    I hate the price of these things. Its inflated on all energy drinks. They don't cost anymore to make than normal softdrinks.

  4. I drink these whenever I'm hung over from a night of drinking before work or for long tournaments. Never any other time.

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    Flintstones vitamins in a can. Not really drinking it for the flavor, sugar free if there's no good coffee around and I'm working on something late.
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  6. I am kind of addicted to sugar free red bull. I've noticed a difference in taste too - I prefer it in the glass bottle more than the cans.

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  7. These things suck.
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    Drink black coffee or gtfo.
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    Hey josh, you know how I look like a tool bag when I come into threads and talk down about shit everyone else likes...

    EDIT: Hey Cow, you know how I look like etc, etc

  10. Bad for my heart, but love it with Vodka. This is how I'll die.


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