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Thread: Give me 9 good reasons why auto merge is gone

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  6. I miss and want it.

    I am also very important around here and my opinion matters. A lot.

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    It's easier to reply to a post, post it, then navigate back a page or ten, continue reading, then reply again. If someone replies to something else you've said in the meantime, conversation flow continues more naturally.

    With automerge, it seamlessly puts all these replies into one place with one header and sig, and excuse me if I like looking at people's sigs and avatars. People have a lot of great stuff here.

    Without automerge you get all these goddamn posts in a row. It's a lot less work for me to not be a douche to the rest of the forum if this shit merges itself, otherwise I fucking do it myself a lot of the time so people don't have to scroll ages to read the damn forums. And no, "It's their fault if they have avs and sigs enabled" is not a correct answer.
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  8. 99% of my TNL browsing is done on a 24inch monitor, I'm not turning off avatars or signatures ever.

  9. I'll look into this, but I don't really miss the function and I don't like the idea of post counts being reduced for no good reason. I am actively working on some big additions for my traditional autumn TNL changes, so I will definitely weigh the pros and cons.

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    Since when do post counts matter?

    My opinion on this that nobody asked for: It would be nice to have merging for the sake of reducing clutter, but in all honesty, it should be incumbent on the poster to edit his own posts rather than rely on the forum software to do so.


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