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Thread: Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii / "New" 3DS / Nintendo Switch)

  1. I completed Xenoblade Chronicles over the weekend, what an outstanding game. So glad I finally played it, and even more amazing that I was able to do so on the New 3DS XL.

    Didn't create a new game+ save, only because I'd (ideally) like to go back and see the remaining of the heart-to-heart vignettes. Thanks to the time spent fulfilling Telethia quests and aiming for advanced art manuals as well as the best armor/weapons, my party (level 95-97) rolled comfortably through the final part. Would also like to try that level 120 dragon at Three Sage Summit again, after getting completely stomped the first time.

  2. Xenoblade Chronicles releases on Wii U VC in NA tomorrow, only $19.99

    Definitely get this amazing RPG if you haven't played it yet. Plus you'll get 20 gold coins from My Nintendo.

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    Lord how long would that take to dl

  4. Like 20 minutes

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    Sure, on that city slicker internet.

  6. The definitive edition comes out soon and apparently runs at 540-720p docked and only like 70% of visual assets were remastered and it's only even that high because staff took it upon themselves to do extra work not actually delegated to them. The reasoning is that much of monolith soft is working on BotW 2 and limited staff couldn't pull off an optimized 100% remaster in time for the release date.

    Which begs the question, if you have half the people working on it, why not just work on it twice as long? I'd be way more interested in a stable 720p version with 100% updated assets this holiday season and I'd be really interested in a 1080p version next year.

    Instead I'll just never buy this because it's a $60 game that's not a sizable enough update over the version I already own.

  7. That's pretty disappointing. The performance and the new doe-eyed smoothface sheen means I can pretend this version never came out and enjoy the old Vaseline-eyed muppetface original forever.

  8. Yeah, I'm a lot more annoyed by the decision to rework the visual style of the characters to conform to XBC2 than I am the resolution stuff. I can only guess it happened because the new epilogue has the two casts meet and Monolith didn't want it to look weird with clashing art styles when they do.

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  9. Well I got this as a Father's day present from my mom, so I certainly can't complain about the cost for the upgrades anymore.

    So now I'm just like "I know the game is good and for free I will totally play the marginally better looking version".

    PS why the fuck us the font a different size but when editing I see no font size formatting of any type?
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